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The Taj Mahal, loved by Indian and foreign tourists alike We spent five and a half months in Nepal and India (from October 2008 to March 2009). It was a great trip: Nepal is our favourite travel destination anyway, so that was already in the bag. However, India, which we entered after spending almost three months in Nepal, was a very nice surprise. We had been there in 2004 for two months, although we had not completely enjoyed that trip: while India is an utterly fascinating place, it sometimes can be pretty hard to negotiate, especially for determined budget travellers.

Back then in 2004, we experienced a strange sort of love/hate feeling for the country (which we found mirrored in many other tourists and even in Indians). This time round, perhaps because we had a better idea what to expect, it was a rather enjoyable trip. Oh, there are still a few things in India that'll floor even an experienced traveller (the sheer pressing mass of humanity and Indian bureaucracy, to name but two) — and yet, all in all we had a most wonderful and relaxed time.

Of course, we also sent our customary emails during the trip: there are two pages with the English and French texts, respectively

There are also a few Google maps, starting with an overview map for the whole trip. I've also prepared a rough map of the main Everest trek and there is a page with links to more detailed maps and some further information.

Last but not least here are a few photos about the country: the first set of pics deals with landscape and scenery, the second set with culture and people.

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