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2004: Nepal, India, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany

2005: Cairo to Istanbul (Egypt, Sinai, Jordan, Syria, Turkey (western half)) as well as a four-week trip to Cyprus

2006: Once again the Middle East, this time Turkey (north and east), Iran, Syria and Lebanon (we left Beirut a few weeks before Israel started bombing Lebanon).

2006/07: End of 2006 we tackled the well-known and well-beaten tracks of the south-east Asian circuit: four months through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

2007: November 2007 we returned to Thailand and Cambodia for six weeks (originally we had planned to stay for four months and to do Burma and Vietnam), before we moved lock, stock and barrel to Berlin (albeit only for three months).

2008: We'll be back from Berlin in April. After that, who knows? Perhaps China… or Australia and NZ… and there's Cappadocia… Not to talk about Nepal and India!

2008: And indeed, it turned out to be Nepal and India once again: we'll do about three months in Nepal and then two-and-a-half in India. We should be back mid-March 2009.

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