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Social Bookmarks

All pages on this site have a small cluster of links in the margin, as shown in the screen shot to the left, to facilitate translation and sharing.

First, there are links to open a French or a German version of the page… however, and before you get your hopes too high, these are simply Google-translated versions of the English text: the translation is sometimes a little rough though it can still be quite helpful (as a small added bonus, these translations are occasionally rather hilarious).

Below that there's a collection of links to various social networking sites, such as Facebook or Google+. These sites allow you to share photos, links and other bits and pieces with friends, colleagues or people with similar interests. You can also access and update all your shared items from any computer you happen to be using, wherever you are.

These sites are all free to use but they require you to register an account. Once registered with one or more social networking sites if you come across a page on you find interesting and want to share with other people (or simply save for future reference), just click on the relevant link in the left margin to add it to your collection.

Wikipedia has an article about social networks.

For more information about these services or to register simply visit them:

About Facebook Register
About Google+ Register
About Twitter Register
About reddit Register
About digg Register

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