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“Sure, 90% of science fiction is crud. That's because 90% of everything is crud.”

Theodore Sturgeon

So what about the other five sections?

And a disclaimer (no website can be complete without one)

The stuff in these wonderful pages is Copyright 2006-09 et cetera by Thomas Lauer; commercial use without proper permission is bound to make me deeply unhappy (but see the Contact page for details about how to contact me or, even better, my agent and perhaps make me more merry in the process).

A tiny number of pages on this site may contain small doses of satire and/or parody; other entries may seem to be a tad on the cynical side. The problem with me (well, one problem, at least) is that I can take very few things seriously. Some birth defect, perhaps, or a genetic mix-up.

And given the state our wonderful world is in, being a cynic seems to be a(n en)viable way of life, for some at least. (No, I do not believe that things were better in the good ol' days; I believe they are pretty much as good or bad today as they were a couple of millennia ago: nothing new under the sun and all that. But let's not dwell on these matters here and now, as this discussion is bound to degrade into a boring philosophical argument.)

Anyway, people allergic to sarcasm, satire or other forms of loose writing should perhaps get out their goggles before indiscriminately clicking their way through this site. You have been warned.

If you should decide, after much careful deliberation and many a sleepless night, to make use of any information you found on these pages or if you download or install any of the software I mention you do so with the understanding that you are completely on your own: my responsibility is nil, null, zero, zilch, nothing, 0x00. I give many links to external websites, all of them in good faith; however, as I have no control over the content of these sites, you are, once again, completely on your own. I also can not guarantee that anything I say or do actually works. Or even makes sense.

(Sorry for that bit of stupidity but there are people out there who need their daily fix of legalese.)

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