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Lua Related Stuff

I am big lover of scripting languages and I have recently discovered a new toy: Lua. This is a pretty small and clean, almost orthogonal, language. At first blush, Lua seems to be somewhat less powerful than Perl or Python, say. However, this is mainly due to the pretty thin runtime libraries. The language itself is amazing. Plus, the interpreter is tiny: the whole thing, including libraries, runs in less than 150 KB. (BTW, Lua is Portuguese and means moon.)

And (that's one for all those Perl haters who think that deciphering a Perl script is the second-messiest business under the sun) Lua code is actually quite readable, though not as compact as Perl. It looks a little like a strange cross of Scheme and Modula-2.

I am just starting to find my way in the moonshine, so we'll see what I think in a few weeks or months. In the meantime, I'll post useful code snippets as I develop them: hours of fun await…

Three things are already here: LuaStrict, a small module to help with undeclared global variables (Lua is not that Modula-2 like:-)). The second bit is an interface to embed live Perl code into a Lua program. Last but not least, there is an updated version of Enrico Colombini's useful Lua Short Reference.

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