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Idle is a simple but powerful scripting language, in much the same vein as the venerable Perl or Python languages. It is, however, a much more lightweight application. (And for non-Perl-gods Idle scripts are certainly a lot more readable than the gibberish that passes for Perl code;-).)

At the core of Idle sits a tweaked and extended version of Lua. This language kernel is enhanced by an extensive collection of runtime libraries, almost all of which are squeezed into a single DLL (with a size of roundabout 230kb) plus a few supporting Idle modules.

More details, the full documentation and of course downloads of the current beta release can be found on the Idle website. (Sorry, the current release is Windows only. It may run with Wine, however.)

As time goes by, I will release a few utilities I have written in Idle. Two of these are already online: docmd v1.6 and ndir v1.1.

docmd is a small program that can search for files and/or directories across drives and directories (such a search can be based on quite complex selection criteria) and either perform whatever action you want on the files or directories found or build an equivalent batch file which can be edited and executed later on.

ndir is an advanced directory lister which allows the same complex search conditions as docmd does. It also supports arbitrary output templates and colouring.

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