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Lua Short Reference

Like many amateur bean-counters, I am a big fan of reference cards, especially for hard-to-remember technical obscurities, such as the finer points of Perl regular expressions or the blasted mod_rewrite syntax. I stumbled across the Lua 5.0 reference card by Enrico Colombini a couple of months ago and found it to be a very valuable tool. It was a little out-of-date, though, and so I thought I could do a quick update.

Enrico kindly agreed to supply his original files and notes, so thankfully I could build on sound foundations, with the hard work already done. I have tried to include all important changes for Lua 5.1, corrected some minor bugs and typos and changed the layout so that the whole thing now prints on four pages. It looks more cramped than does Enrico's version but then again, it's a reference card and not a literary work.

THIS IS AN EARLY DRAFT! There are certainly errors and omissions to be found in this draft. Please, everyone who uses this card — take the time and trouble to send a bug report if you happen on something that needs correcting. (BTW, the exclusion of deprecated language features (like table.setn()) is by design.)

Some acknowledgements: Enrico and I are grateful to all the good people who contributed with notes and suggestions, including John Belmonte, Albert-Jan Brouwer, Tiago Dionizio, Marius Gheorghe, Asko Kauppi, Philippe Lhoste, Mike Pall, Virgil Smith, Ando Sonenblick, Nick Trout, Clemens Wacha, Blake T. Garretson and of course Roberto Ierusalimschy, whose “Lua 5.1 Reference Manual” and “Programming in Lua” have been our main sources of Lua lore.

Update February 2008

Update July 2009


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