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Converting a collection of a few hundred CDs or, even worse, LPs to MP3 (or WMA or any other compressed format) is a lot of work. That's one reason why doing it as efficiently as possible is not wholly unimportant. Another reason to invest a bit of work and planning beforehand is that, once you've done it and have produced a few thousand MP3 (or WMA) files, the last thing you wan't to see is that you did something wrong — and that you have, one way or another, go through all these files to correct your mistake.

The basic process looks like this:

Most of this work is done by different software packages, which means that, depending on what application you actually use, the different stages are not always as clear-cut as in the above list.

The Details

Anyway, what are the really important points when you convert from CD to MP3/WMA? What should you do or don't do?

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