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Further down, you'll find a table and two lists. The table shows my favourite Rock and Pop artists and groups (for a very wide definition of Rock and Pop).

The first list, a rather long one, shows all the non-classical albums on my big MP3 player, as of November 2009. Mostly it's Pop and Rock but there are also some oldies like Glenn Miller or the unforgettable Charles Trénet, with his goat, and some Jazz as well. Over the last five years, I have first converted my whole CD collection (that was the easy bit) and afterwards most of my 300+ vinyl LPs (yeah, those flat, black objects). The latter was a helluva long and tiresome process… but it definitely paid off in the end: being able to listen once more to these great albums I devoured when I was a pimply adolescent (I went through three (!) “Made In Japans”) is just great. (Though I have to say that more than two decades of listening to technically near perfect CDs has clearly changed my perceptions. Sure, a lot of the hissing and the cracking on LPs is removed by the conversion software, but there is still a definite amount left that is just not there for CDs.)

The second, much smaller list is only concerned with classical music. Somehow, classical music is something I can not really appreciate when I am on the move. So I have not bothered to digitise many of my albums. (Not much of Mahler, almost no Bach or Tchaikovsky… sigh.)

But first, at a glance, the star-rated artists

The meaning of the stars (one to three) should be obvious. (If not, buy a Michelin guide and study it carefully.) For some artists the rating is a bit shaky: perhaps Al Stewart or William Sheller should have three stars. And maybe Shakira and Jane Birkin could do with two instead of a measly single star. It's all a bit floating and mood-dependent, but you'll get the idea.

* * * Al Stewart; Alanis Morissette; Billy Joel; Coldplay; Counting Crows; Deep Purple; Keane; Led Zeppelin; Razorlight; Tori Amos; Travis
* * Angelo Branduardi; Beautiful South; Cat Stevens; Chris Rea; David Gray; Eddi Reader; Electric Light Orchestra; Franz Ferdinand; Héroes del Silencio; Ian Gillan; Jim Croce; Joe Dassin; Johnny Flynn; Kate Bush; Konstantin Wecker; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Madonna; Manic Street Preachers; Midnight Oil; Nerina Pallot; Nickelback; Paul Weller; Pearl Jam; Police; Queen; Radiohead; Rammstein; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Robert Plant; Roxy Music; Sheryl Crow; Simon & Garfunkel; Sparks; Supertramp; Suzanne Vega; Talking Heads; Tara Blaise; Uriah Heep; Waterboys; William Sheller; Yes; Zuzana Navarová
* 10cc; Alain Souchon; Asia; BAP; Barclay James Harvest; Beatles; Belle & Sebastian; Black Sabbath; Blue Nile; Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band; Bon Jovi; Cara Dillon; Carly Simon; Chumbawamba; Cranberries; Creedence Clearwater Revival; David Bowie; Dears; Dire Straits; Doves; Eagles; Editors; Eloy; Elton John; Eric Clapton; Extrabreit; Foo Fighters; Foreigner; Franz Ferdinand; Goldrush; Gomez; Graeme Allwright; Guy Béart; Heinz Rudolf Kunze; Housemartins; Idlewild; Iggy Pop; Interpol; Jacques Brel; James Blunt; Jane Birkin; Jethro Tull; Jimi Hendrix; Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes; Joan Osborne; Johnny Clegg & Savuka; Kaiser Chiefs; Katie Melua; Kinks; Lenny Kravitz; Marillion; Mike & the Mechanics; Natalie Imbruglia; Nellie McKay; Nirvana; Patricia Kaas; Pete Townshend; Rainbow; Ray Davies; Robert Palmer; Rolling Stones; Rory Gallagher; Saga; Sammy Hagar; Shakira; Sinéad O'Connor; Snow Patrol; Sophie B. Hawkins; Spin Doctors; Spliff; Steeleye Span; Steve Earle; Sting; Stone Roses; T. Rex; Tea Party; Texas; Thin Lizzy; Tom McRae; toploader; Toto; Turin Brakes; Whitesnake; Who

The Great List of MP3 Bliss

This list has 470 entries for as many artists or groups. Those cover 1228 albums between them, totalling 15,577 songs or 45 days, 14 hours and 10 minutes of uninterrupted music. This means, among other things, that the average album has 12.7 tracks and that the average track lasts four minutes and 13 seconds. (Computers are amazing.)

Anything in this list that you find really strange (musically, I mean) must be Vero's stuff. (I wouldn't be seen dead with the Pet Shop Boys on my players:-), but she likes them. And that's not to talk about some really ghastly stuff, guys like Madness or The Bee Gees or… gasp… Boney M. 'nuff said.)

And then there are the Classics

Following is the list of classical music. This is rather short in comparison, not least because Bach (or Beethoven, for that matter) on a Turkish — or worse: Indian — bus doesn't just sound as good as, hm… let's say, The Police. Or even the Pet Shop Boys:-). And then there are so many Bach CDs on my shelves that the task of MP3ifying them all seems daunting. One of these days I'll do it… but not now.

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