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Directory Structure

This is one of these issues that should be straightforward but where a multitude of tiny devils hide in the details. The most basic rule is rather simple: I would put one album into one directory (aka folder), not more and not less. I would furthermore start with a folder (say d:\Music\) and have this fan out according to the artists you have (or will) put into MP3 or WMA. Well, as usual a picture says more than 1000 words…

Each artist's directory in turn holds all the albums of this particular artist, one folder per album (see the four albums for 10cc as an example). Finally we have the songs themselves, stored in these second-level folders (see Bruce Springsteen). All this is rather straightforward: the artist (or group) name is the first folder name, the album the second and then there are the songs, ie the actual MP3/WMA files. But there are a few things you should think about before you take any final decisions, let alone rip your first albums:

As to the names of the MP3/WMA files themselves, that's pretty straightforward: I have first the track number starting with a 01 (ie zero-padded. This padding is important… don't forget it.). The reason for starting with the number is simple: a lot of the cheaper players simply play files alphabetically which means that it will play havoc with the titles if they don't start with the numbers. After the number there's a blank as separator, followed by the actual song title and then .mp3 or .wma. Once again, there are one or two points to keep in mind:

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