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Thomas Pics

Various photos, starting with some really ancient black&white stuff and then progressing through the years.

This is my mother and her sunshine, circa 1960. The pic is one of a series of six or seven photos and on all the others I look very grumpy indeed.
This is my father and his sunshine, circa 1962. I clearly enjoy my heightened position though my hands are gripping my father's hair with some vigour.

(This photo also should make clear where I got my nose from.)
My parents, my brother Jürgen (just christened) and me, circa 1963. (No comments please as to my father's tie.)
It's not a Sony, it's a trick! This is one of the first memories of my childhood: I was standing on a vast place in Mainz and suddenly there was that giant walking around, doing a promotion for some washing powder. An impressive sight all right, although I knew immediately he must be a fake, like Father Christmas…

But how did he do it? I followed the giant around (my mother always just a step behind with what now seems infinite patience) until I discovered this small slit for the eyes… Gosh, I was so proud that I had found out the White Giant:-). I'll never forget that day.

(The photo was taken mid-June 1965, by staff of the washing powder company.)
Group with lady, Easter 1970. That's the four brothers — from left: Jürgen, Carsten, Ralf and Thomas — and our cousin Astrid.

(If Carsten ever runs into this photo he'll kill me.)
Beginning of the '80s and I was a student by now. Chemistry was fun, I really liked doing the science bit (not to talk about the interesting side-effects: one of my more stupid fellow students once threw a not-so-small nugget of sodium into one of the sinks in the lab; the resulting explosion destroyed not only the sink:-), though luckily nobody was harmed). Yes, I very much enjoyed university and probably that's why I look so happy.

Oh, no, now I remember… that day was my 22nd birthday!
England 1989, with Vero. We were visiting friends who were just getting married. (No, the food we're munching is not yet the marriage banquet!)
Mid '90s. The first grey hairs appear… Vero or my lifestyle (or both) take their toll. (In fact, my father's hair went grey in his late 30s, so probably this has nothing to do with Vero or lifestyle issues: it's all in the jeans.)
This portrait was taken by Vero, during a five-week trek around the Annapurnas, in 2001. The grey is now turning into white but I like that: it gives me such an air of dignity, doesn't it? (Then again, I have to like it — my blasted scalp simply leaves me no other choice!)
Once again Nepal: this time it's 2003. With me in front of Mt Everest is Ajinder, an outrageously funny guy from India whom we met in a lodge in Namche Bazaar.

Well, these were a few of my nicer shots. If you think you can stand them, I have some truly shocking photos under quarantine. But don't complain afterwards: I told you before!

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