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Current Pics

Here are some photos about the current state of things. (However, current can mean everything up to five or six years back, as this part of the site is not updated very frequently.)

December 2009, London. Zaza et Zouzou using a London phone box.
January 2008, Berlin, Unter den Linden. We arrived from Bangkok (where it had been much warmer) just in time to witness this encounter between an unsmiling Friedrich the Great and a formerly fast, but now rather stationary, red car.
A cool and wet July 2007 brings yet another birthday for Vero. The photo was taken by one of my childhood sweethearts from Germany who happened to visit us at that time.
February 2007: the intrepid travellers in Mae Hong Son (northern Thailand), relaxing after a hard day in front of their luxurious bamboo suite.
Vero in the cockpit, taking her first flying lesson, October 2006. (Actually, we were just passengers, flying with a friend across the Channel to France and Alderney).
On the beaches of La Baule, end of December 2005. A slimy monster (locally known as coques, meaning cockles) shortly before it ended up in my stomach.
We spent Xmas 2005 in Paris, with the French/Swiss/Portuguese part of the family: lots of people, lots of talk in all sorts of languages, lots of good food and vins fins.
Pen-y-fan, September 2005: a shot from the highest point of the Brecon Beacons (886m). This is my preferred walking terrain in Britain (together with Snowdonia) and as you can see, we had some good luck with the weather. (There are people who believe England is wet. They have never been to Wales.)
Munching vitamins, September 2005: that's the season where I harvest enormous amounts of berries, especially blackberries. I don't do this to prepare marmalade or jelly (although I often do my own orange marmalade, Seville oranges and all, in January) — no, no, as you can see, we're talking immediate gratification here.
Cleaning the woodlands, August 2005: Vero and I volunteered with a few other poor souls to clear a large woodland area of the plastic tubes the council used to prop up the (seven years ago) freshly planted bushes and trees. We cleared less than 10% of the total area but then again it is really a vast place!
Breakfast in Dana, March 2005: Sitting in the Jordanian sun, above the magnificent valley of Dana. With us on the photo is Sue, who with her husband Bill (he took the snap), gave us a much appreciated lift along the King's Highway to Karak. Meeting people, whether locals or other travellers, is perhaps the greatest joy of travelling.
Autumn 2003, on top of the world (well, almost…). We're standing in front of 8501-metre-high Lhotse, itself neighbour of a much more famous mountain.

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