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Flying With Phil

Popham, Cherbourg, Alderney, Popham… why not? The other day, a friend of ours, Phil Gr8flyer, rang me and asked whether Vero and I would, perchance, like to fly with him (of course, in his very own plane, a Grumman AA5) from the local airfield (Popham, EGHP) over to Cherbourg and onwards to Alderney and back to B'stoke.


And so, here are a few photographs from that memorable occasion (clicking on a pic will show a bigger version in a separate browser tab or window):

Impressive. However, after staring at the instruments for more than an hour I realised that a) many are there twice (for security's sake) and b) some are much more important than others. Flying is not dark magic, after all:-)
Shortly after take off… we've just crossed the coast line near Southampton: what you see is the layer of broken cloud above the Channel. We were flying at 5000 feet; the clouds are a few hundred feet below us.
The French coast line, near Alderney.
Approaching the Alderney runway, located in the leftmost quarter (actually, this shot shows more or less the whole island).
On the way back: the westernmost tip of the Isle of Wight and the famous Needles.

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