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I am pretty often in our kitchen, especially during the weekends. This has historical reasons: when I married Vero (back in the Summer of '85; my hair was still black and Reagan was president) I had the very firm intention to never again do a cooking job. After all, my lovely new wife was FRENCH; so if anything, my intention was to grow fat and ever fatter by tucking into the stream, the unending multitude of wonderful dishes Vero would now produce in a kitchen that had, until then, mostly seen rather modest attempts to keep me and some of my student friends afloat (translation: pies, pizza, pasta. And of course too much El Cheapo Vino.).

Alas, it was not to be. After a few black (sometimes literally) days, Vero decided (and I concurred) that cooking was perhaps better left to someone else (translation: me), so as to give our young and budding marriage a chance to survive and blossom. (It did.) The funny thing is that I quickly discovered that I actually like cooking, much more than Vero ever will. After all, it's not unlike chemistry (a field I adored as a teenager): you put together a few things and then you just wait and see what happens… or rather how it tastes. (I hasten to add that I often use recipes. Still, the research bit, so to speak, is clearly similar to my chemistry studies: there's always room for experimentation. And this approach generally does produce interesting results — either amazingly good or amazingly bad results.)

(And to put the record straight: Vero's nowadays as often in the kitchen as I am. However, she is normally concentrating on the sweet end of things: cakes, gateaux, crêpes… not exactly my line of favourite food: about the only sweet thing I ever bother with is orange marmalade, when the Seville oranges arrive in January.)

Anyway, over time, I will put some of the things I regularly do online. I'll start with true-and-tested recipes but there will also be some general stuff, like a few hints for making your own bread or producing your own cheese. Come back and check for changes if you like cooking!

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