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Books February 2006

Reminder to myself, July 2006: I should never, ever read a book, then put it on the website and include something like TBW (to be written) as a stop gap. The sad fact is that beginning of March we travelled first to France, then for almost four months to the Middle East… and now I am having trouble to remember what exactly I was thinking about the three books I did read in February:-).

I was not very impressed by Woolf and her Orlando, that's for sure. As to the other two, they are dealing with philosophy anyway. What the heck can a sensible person write about philosophy!? I will just say that the Magee book is very readable indeed: a mixture of memoir and musings about the great philosophical questions and the thinkers that tackled them (or tried to). This book also reinforced my belief that good old Arturo (otherwise known as Mr Schopenhauer) is among the best.

Well, sorry 'bout that lapse. I'll try to be more diligent in the future.

Virginia Woolf: Orlando (E)


Bryan Magee: Confessions of a Philosopher (E)


William Raeper and Linda Smith: Brief Guide to Ideas (E)


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