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This is an ever growing collection of notes and remarks about books I've read, collected on a roughly monthly basis. I do not include all the stuff I read: most practical things, like travel guides, computer manuals, science textbooks… this sort of book is left out because it is of limited interest to most other people. But almost all fiction I read is (or will eventually be) included, as well as the occasional work of non-fiction, if I think it's a worthwhile read or possesses some general interest.

A word about the one-liner “ratings” at the end of the entries. Most should be pretty obvious; it's also obvious that the whole thing is thoroughly subjective, a highly personal affair: take them with a pinch of salt. A “Highly recommended” is reserved for the best books and it means King Thomas liked it so much that he thinks anyone who hasn't read that particular book should try to do so at his or her earliest opportunity.

There is just one higher accolade and that is a LICHTENBERG. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-99) was a German physicist and an accomplished writer. Among his satirical works is a famous collection of aphorisms, witticisms. puns and bon-mots called “Die Sudelbücher”. To promote the sales of this collection he invented the following slogan (Sudelbuch E, 1775-76): “Wer zwei Paar Hosen hat, mache eins zu Geld und schaffe sich dieses Buch an.” (He who has two pairs of trousers, turn one into money and acquire this book.)

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