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Landscapes 2

These panoramas were all done during walks along the English coast line between Swanage and Weymouth (Dorset). Clicking on a pic will show a bigger version in a separate browser tab (or window). Although resolution (and quality) has been severely reduced, these bigger versions are still pretty large files, so loading them may take a while.

More than 180 degrees of Dorset coast line, photographed from a small promontory called Bat's Head. To the left is Ringstead Bay and Weymouth, to the right Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove.

The view towards St Oswald's Bay and the rocks that form Durdle Door. The promontory in the background with the small natural hole is Bat's Head.

St Oswald's Bay. The sea almost looks like the Mediterranean, doesn't it?

Every Englishman will recognise this rock.

Again Durdle Door, with some more of the coast line towards Lulworth.

An hour further west, almost at Osmington Mills: a view back.

Dancing Ledge and, in the background, St Aldhelm's Head.

Late afternoon view towards St Aldhelm's Head.

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