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Everest Trek 2008

This page deals with the extended Everest trek we did in autumn 2008: during 45 days of walking we covered almost 1000km. Basically, this involved taking a rattletrap bus from Kathmandu to dusty Jiri, walking up to Namche Bazar, spending three weeks with exploring the valleys above and around Namche, and then walking down to the Arun river and finishing by climbing the Milke Danda, a significant ridge to the south of the Makalu/Kanchenjunga region. Endpoint was a village called Basantpur, a foul-smelling roadhead similar to Jiri.

First, here are a few detailed maps which divide the main trek into four smaller, more manageable bits:

Here are two further maps showing some details of the mountainous region above and around Namche Bazar, the high Khumbu:

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