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The following is based on personal observation and one or two web sources. All of the 16 MBTI types are based on four pairs of counterbalancing attributes (four pairs make 16 possibilities, believe it or not): there are ESFJs, INTPs and so on (there are also IDIOTs but that's an entirely different type system). By the way, MBTI means Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

I am an INTJ and INTJs have the following characteristics:

Explaining what all this means in theory is best left to the many websites that deal with MBTI.

What it means in practice is much more interesting (indeed, the simple fact that I am more interested in the practical consequences than in the theory of something is in itself a characteristic of INTJs):

In sum, INTJs are pretty strange animals. But we're all strange in our ways, so what the heck:-)

If you ever meet an INTJ, here's my short guide on how to handle him or her.

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