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An easy recipe from southern France for a tasty dip. We sometimes have it with crackers or biscuits with our Sunday evening bottle of bubbly… or even spread on bread or toast (not unlike Marmite) during the week.

Put the ingredients into a blender and work them until you get a homogenous, dark-brown paste; the olive oil perhaps last so that the whole doesn't turn too liquid. Normally there's no need to add salt as the anchovies and the capers are salty enough on their own. (In fact, people who don't like it too salty should perhaps give the capers a quick wash in warm water before throwing them into the blender.)

The recipe comes from a French book about Provenšal cooking (“Le Reboul”) which was first published in 1897. There are many more nice ideas in this book; I am sure this won't be the last recipe I will put here.

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