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Fish Pie

This is my simplified version of an Irish recipe called Ballycotton Fish Pie. Ballycotton is a small fishing village in East Cork and used to be a sleepy place. This changed for a while in 1995 when Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp and crew loads of movie men descended upon the place to make a film called Deep Rapture. The film project ran aground amidst money problems but the picturesque village had been “discovered” by the “big world”. Its fame spread far and wide and so did the fame of this recipe.

My version is slightly simpler than the original (it doesn't include mussels, for example, because I am not sure that mussels go well with the fish) but it doesn't taste substantially different, I think. The ingredients are for four to six persons.

Boil the peeled potatoes as you would for mashed potatoes. In the meantime put the bay leaves, the thyme, the finely sliced carrots, the chopped onions and the freshly ground black pepper into the milk and heat carefully. Let the mixture simmer for a few minutes and then put aside.

Cut the fish filets into long, thin pieces (make sure any bones and skin are removed) and put them in a large enough ceramic pan so that they form a nice layer.

Once the potatoes are soft, mash them thoroughly, put the butter and the chives in and pour the warm milk/onion/herb mixture over the mash (remove the bay leaves and the sprigs of thyme before you do so). Mix the whole until you get a smooth mash. Salt and pepper to taste and re-heat, so that the mixture is hot.

Top the fish with the hot mash and put the pan into the pre-heated oven (200 C). Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 180 C and bake for another 25 minutes or until you get a nice golden-brown crust. Enjoy.

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