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Thus, for us, everything was itself and at the same time something else.

John Banville

I like to do things. Grand theories (though smaller ones will often do just as nicely) are all nice and well and I go through a lot of them: quite a bit of my DIYing has to do with strange ideas and theories.

But there's more to life than theories and philosophies. And in a sense, merely thinking about this or that is something any old idiot can do. (Well, you know what I mean.) It is like the famous pudding: the recipe may sound mouthwatering, but the proof is still in the eating.

For me the proof often lies in the doing. Perhaps paradoxically then, a lot of the things I DIY are actually eatable (or so I hope), because I like preparing food, cooking, in general getting the kitchen into a fine mess (must be a remnant of the old days when I pursued my chemistry studies). Most of the things I do myself (like mustard or bread or cheese) I could just as well buy in a supermarket. However, most people who have tried — and survived — my homemade mustard agree that this is stuff money can't buy. (The others think it's a biological weapon.)

Writing is another of my favourite DIY things. I am not talking about writing books here, this is one of my day jobs and is dealt with in another section. No, no, just writing up something, some satirical piece, a bit for my website, an explanation for a strange fact, a note, a wordplay, a story… what have you: I am a compulsive writer (well, you probably sensed that already) and I keep doing it, for the sheer joy of it.

So check the bits and pieces here. Chances are that you will frown more often than in the other sections. But I am always willing to discuss my philosophical theories or to defend my recipes: come over and try them out!

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