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Calling Perl from AHK or AU3

If you want to embed live Perl code into your AutoIt3 or AutoHotkey scripts, then this page is for you.

I have stitched together an interface library that allows calling Perl from both these script languages. If you already have Perl 5.8.x installed on your machine, you can simply download and unzip the file for the language you use: the zip file for AutoIt3 or the zip file for AutoHotkey. For the examples to work, the embedding DLL (PERLEMBED.DLL) must be either in the AutoIt3 (or AutoHotkey) installation directory or somewhere in the path. My embedding DLL expects the Perl interpreter DLL (PERL58.DLL) to be somewhere in the path.

Those poor souls who have no Perl installed (how on earth did you survive all these years? No, just kiddin') will additionally need to download a further ZIP file with the Perl DLL (which contains the stand-alone Perl interpreter core). won't give you a full installation of Perl, though: you certainly get the basic Perl functionality, but none of the many additional modules (that means, among other things, no dynamic loading of stuff). Having said that, the core is in itself a pretty powerful beast: check a good book on Perl.

Here are the contents of the readme file:

The following files are in the package:
PERLEMBED.C       source code for the interface DLL, straightforward C
PERLEMBED.DEF     list of functions exported by PERLEMBED.DLL
PERLEMBED.DLL     the DLL itself
PERL.AU3/AHK      an include file (for AutoIt3 and AutoHotkey, respectively)
                  with the wrapper functions
CALLPERL.AU3/AHK  a simple example script (for AutoIt3 and AutoHotkey,
README            that which people never read:-)
Details about installing the DLLs, calling the functions etc. can be found
in PERLEMBED.C and the example scripts.
Und tschuess.

Comments please to or via the contacts page.

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